Nitipon Clinic – All Beauty is Possible

Nitipon Clinic was established in 1991 by Dr. Nitipon Chaisakulchai who has specialized knowledge and experience in dermatology and aesthetic beauty. Nitipon Clinic changed from being a Medial Skin Clinic brand to being an Aesthetic Beauty Clinic brand to provide a full range of beauty care. This core change was driven by Nitipon Clinic’s business strategy which aims to meet the needs of consumers in all beauty aspects. We utilize advanced medical technologies and innovations as part of our service in order to provide the highest standard of quality.

Nitipon Clinic is constantly expanding in order to provide more customers with advanced technology, professional service from medical specialists and beauty expertise in over 140 branches nationwide. This combination makes Nitipon Clinic not just a skin care clinic brand, but the one-stop beauty solutions brand that integrates the “science” of medical art and the “arts” of aesthetic beauty together, seamlessly.

With over 24 years of experience in beauty business, Nitipon Clinic has moved through three clear phases:

Pioneer (1991 – 2000)

Nitipon Clinic pioneered beauty clinics in Thailand. We made the change from being a Medical Skin Clinic to an Aesthetic Beauty Clinic and created a special form of treatment; using Modern medical care without the need for surgery. Our services and programs encompass skin whitening, anti-aging, weight loss and other treatments. We were the first beauty clinic to expand into department stores. During this period we opened 13 branches in Bangkok and its surrounding areas.

Expansion (2001 – 2006)

In the middle of business development, Nitipon Clinic focused on branch expansion in order to make the step to the Modern Trade industry. At the time, Nitipon Clinic had 25 branches in Bangkok and its surrounding areas and was continuously developing a series of high quality Medical Skin Care Clinics, as well as establishing Training Institutions for the medical team at Head Office, with the aim to be the one-stop service aesthetic beauty clinic brand.

Modern Age (2007 to present)

Under the slogan “All Beauty is Possible”, Nitipon Clinic is stepping into the era of being one of the leaders in Aesthetic Beauty Clinics. We currently have over 140 branches nationwide, along with the continuous development in all aspects of beauty knowledge, products, and new technologies in order to meet the needs of customers of all ages and demographics.

This is just part of our commitment and dedication to developing high quality products and services, in order to be the best beauty clinic that we can be for our customers. 


Nitipon Clinic is the number 1  Aesthetic Beauty Clinic  with the most branches in Thailand. We have been providing an international standard of medical beauty programs and services for a long time to both Thai and foreign patients/customers. Here are a few reasons as to why you can rely on Nitipon Clinic to take care of your beauty.

A team of doctors with expertise in their given fields:

Our Doctors have passed intensive screening to demonstrate excellent qualifications in providing aesthetic services. Realizing the importance of skills-developing, our doctors are always trained in the latest aesthetic beauty techniques and are constantly updating their familiarity with new innovations in order to help your specific needs as efficiently as possible.

Service from the heart:

Nitipon Clinic’s high levels of service always impress our patients/customers. We never stop educating ourselves and training to develop our people, both in the study of beauty and the art of service. Whether they are Receptionists, Therapists, Salespersons, or Physician Assistants; all work under the same commitment which is to provide the best service for the highest satisfaction as well as to provide our customers with more confidence and therefore the necessary energy for day-to-day life.

The ability to develop personalized programs that meet your beauty needs:

Nitipon Clinic’s vast number of beauty programs are designed to cover any possible beauty issue that you may have. From acne, dark spots and skin tone to face shaping or slimming, Nitipon’s specialists are ready for 1-on-1 consultations to maximize results, using knowledge and experience gained  from 25 years of business.

Business Theory

“Nitipon Clinic – we practice high-standard business in a moral, ethical and proficient manner. Through safe practices, we wish for our patients and customers to feel good-looking (either beautiful or handsome) and more confident with their appearance.

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