Why inject filler:

The natural increase in one’s age as days go by can cause wrinkles to form, as well as sagging facial skin. All of the wrinkles around the eyes, or on the cheeks where they might appear to be constantly getting deeper, or the wrinkles on your forehead, all combine to potentially decrease one’s self-confidence. If not, one could feel less confident than when the skin was firmer or more beautiful.

If you can do it, why not?

Advancements in science regarding modern aesthetic treatment have created a solution to problem of wrinkles, saggy skin and “holes” in the skin. These include wrinkles around the eyes (known as crow’s feet wrinkles), forehead wrinkles and deep holes in both cheeks. The solution to fill these holes and wrinkles and create firmer skin comes in the form of an injectable substance known as “filler”.

Not only can filler solve the problems just mentioned, filler can be used as an injection that can make you happier with the shape of the skin on your face as well as patch up other blemishes on your face. For example, filler can be used to make a more beautiful chin or plump up your lips, fix the shape of your nose, or even fix other previous procedures.

Whoever has experienced these problems before; we encourage you to embrace this type of procedure wholeheartedly.

What is filler?

Filler is a substance that is injected under the skin to combat and fill different types of wrinkles and holes in the face. One type of filler is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is a compound of collagen that comes in the form of protein that is already found within our skin. It has the ability to absorb water and maintain moisture in the skin. It is also this collagen that allows the facial tissues the ability to tighten, very similar to a spring under the surface level of skin. As time goes by, the collagen under our skin begins to decrease in quantity, and our skin is more likely to allow indents to form, causing different types of wrinkles. The filler injections allow the skin to rebound back to its original tension.

Currently, there are 3 types of fillers. These are organized by how long the filler remains under the skin.

  • Temporary filler: remains under the skin for 4-6 months and is dissolved naturally through bodily processes after that amount of time.
  • Semi-Permanent Filler: remains under the skin for around 2 years and is dissolved naturally through bodily processes.
  • Permanent Filler: can be found in the form of silicone or paraffin. Is injected under the skin and remains there. It does not dissolve. However, this can have some long-term side effects.

How is filler used?

Before we make a decision about whether or not to use filler, we should know as much about the procedure as possible. We must also self-analyze to see if we are physically strong enough to undergo the procedure. We should make sure that our blood does not flow out too easily and that we are not unable to stop bleeding when cut (Hemophilia). We should also know beforehand if we have any severe allergies. Additionally, those that are pregnant should not receive fillers.

If we have checked that we are able to undergo the procedure, we are ready to simply lie in the doctor’s chair. The filler is administered by doctors that have expertise in the area, and before they even inject any anesthetic, they mark out the points on the face where they will inject the filler (however, it depends on the recipient of the filler, as some points may not require any anesthetic). From there, the doctor will inject the filler to these designated areas with the intent to lessen wrinkles, tighten skin or shape the face in some way. There will only be a very slight amount of pain, so remove any misconceptions beforehand about filler injections being very painful.

The entire procedure should take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how much or how little you are having done. After it has been injected you should lie still for some time. “Why do you have to lie still? You can’t get up and move around straight away?” This is because filler requires some time to fully settle. If you move too quickly, you might distort your face (and surely this is not a desired result). After the filler has set you will be able to go home. For those who tend to experience swelling, do not worry, because the swelling should subside within 1-2 days. However, you must remember that after receiving filler injections, to try not to touch it or expose it to heat (such as a sauna or laser therapy). If you must be exposed to the sun, it would be prudent to apply sunscreen beforehand.

Benefits of injecting filler:

The main benefit of filler is that it causes visible results and clear changes. Different types of wrinkles will appear to have lessened. Areas that needed to be repaired, filled out or patched up will look rejuvenated. This effect will be magnified just 1 week after receiving the filler injections. After this time, you can go back to your normal daily tasks and routine, such as putting on makeup and/or playing sports. Just be sure to follow the instructions from your doctor. All of these are added benefits to injecting filler (which will remain under the skin for around 9-12 months, depending on the level of preservation by the individual).

Double-check before you make the decision to get filler:

There are risks involved with injecting filler, so make sure that the place in which you choose to have your filler administered is registered and qualified to do so. Also make sure that the doctor providing the injections is qualified to do so. Knowing these things beforehand will boost your confidence in your decision, especially when you know that the equipment and substance itself used in the process is also of a high standard, clean and safe (with no risk of unwanted side effects).

Why should you question everything as much as we are suggesting?

Remember that filler is not a naturally-occurring substance in our bodies, and injecting it under our skin is risky without the proper skills and expertise.

You will be beautiful, so make sure to choose a safe place to make that happen. If you have been following the news with regards to the topic of filler, you will have noticed that it is very common to catch “bag doctors” who pose as real doctors and offer cheaper rates for injections. They usually inject filler that does not meet the standards and regulations required, or it might even be entirely fake filler. These are very dangerous because the side effects are sometimes dire, causing people to have allergic reactions to the serum or even worse, causing faces to become distorted and disfigured. Those who inject filler without the proper expertise even put their patients at risk of having a stroke, brain damage or blindness. So if you want to become more beautiful, with tighter skin, do not let price be the only deciding factor because it is usually a good indicator of quality. We are concerned about your beauty just as much as we are concerned about your safety.

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