Teddy had injected his face with Botox before, but what he said about HIFU (or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) today showed just how impressed he was after having the treatment done:

“After I had Botox injected, I could see a more defined shape to my face, and I have never really had issues with wrinkles. I was concerned with lines on the area under my eyes. I consulted a Doctor at Nitipon Clinic, and I told him that I did not want to inject Botox. He suggested that HIFU would yield results directly related to lifting the skin and reducing wrinkles without the use of any surgery or invasive procedures. We spoke about how this procedure can be focused on the areas of concern where I had wrinkles, and how it would also improve the condition of the rest of the surrounding skin as well. After about 2 weeks, the results would begin to be clear and as time goes on, the positive changes to my skin would become more apparent”.

Teddy pointed to the areas around his eyes as he grinned from ear to ear:

“I am not an angry person. I smile a lot. But if you smile to the point of forming wrinkles on your face, it can decrease your confidence. If you look at both the picture of me before the treatment, and now (2 months later), the lines that once existed have almost all gone. The skin around my eyes has been tightened and looks extremely natural. We ended up doing the treatment to my entire face, and the main result that you can see clearly is how my skin has been lifted and tightened. My face outline is clearer and more defined, and my favorite part of the whole thing is that it all looks natural. After receiving the HIFU treatment, the results gradually get better over time. It’s not like you get it done and *boom*, your face is immediately tighter and you can’t smile or something (he laughs)”.