Facial Treatments

  • Acne Sure | Making Acne a Problem of the Past

    750 Baht / treatment

    Acne Sure covers all levels of acne, from when the pores first become blocked to when pimples become apparent.  Using different techniques including a mask to reinforce the pores on the face, as well as orally-taken medicine, treatment is a continuous process, even after the acne has cleared, in order to prevent it from reoccurring. More Details…

  • Baby Face | Reversing the Aging Process for Beautiful Skin

    1,000 Baht / treatment

    Take a trip back through time by softening your skin and appearing younger than your actual vintage. Using technology such as “Phono Photofacial” and “Facial Therapy”, coupled with top-quality cosmetic products, this program strengthens and tightens the skin, while simultaneously creating some elasticity within the skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles and return to a more youthful you with the Baby Face treatment.

  • Ultradeep Layer | Gold Spoon Innovation for Beautiful Skin

    1,750 Baht / treatment

    A gentle, soft and relaxing treatment that also provides first class results by utilizing “Golden Electroporation” technology. This treatment pushes vitamins deep into the skin, promoting cell regeneration, skin-tightening and wrinkle-reduction. The small gold particles are absorbed by the skin, creating a lighter, brighter skin tone. The treatment also reduces dark spots on the skin, freckles, and wrinkles while simultaneously preventing premature ageing.

  • Crystal Rejuvenation | Smoother, Neater, Beautiful Skin

    1,375 Baht / treatment

    Even out skin that is rough through the use of very small crystals. Crystal Rejuvenation helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, as well as to stimulate tissue growth in order to fill out any holes, dimples or inconsistencies in the skin’s surface.

  • Derma Active White & Firm | Erase Black Marks

    600 Baht / treatment

    This treatment is a form of maintenance for your face. It aids in reducing wrinkles and adding moisture to the skin in order to erase any dark/black blemishes and return the skin to its original perfection. Furthermore, the Derma Active White & Firm treatment helps to firm the skin’s surface by distributing vitamins across the skin.

  • Facial Design | RF Face Lifting

    1,750 Baht / treatment

    This program allows you to design your face without using lasers or injecting medicine. Using up-to-date technology, the Facial Design program promotes better circulation within the skin, thereby promoting healthier and firmer skin. Your face will become more “V-Shaped” the more you have this treatment performed.

  • Facial Therapy | Relieve and Relax Your Skin

    1,000 Baht / treatment

    Strengthen and add flexibility to your skin through the use of the Facial Therapy machine. This machine releases a cooling effect through the use of semiconductors that increasingly relax the skin every time the service is performed. The treatment can help relieve certain skin irritations, strengthen the skin’s surface and increase the skin’s general health.

  • Forever Young | Soft, Youthful Skin

    1,000 Baht / treatment

    Achieve smoother, brighter, younger looking skin with “Phono Photofacial” and “Facial Therapy” technology, coupled with top-quality cosmetic dermatological products. This combination helps to make your skin stronger, reduce wrinkles and bring about an overall more youthful look.

  • Melasma Therapy | Cover Up Blemishes and Dark Spots

    1,000 Baht / treatment

    Cover up many types of skin inconsistencies (including freckles, dark spots and acne scars) with a comprehensive facial and neck treatment. Whitening and firming effects are also added benefits of this single course. No matter what your skin issues might be (whether you have acnes scars, freckles or discoloration); this treatment can help with a multitude of them.

  • Micro Dermabrasion | Gentle Exfoliation

    1,000 Baht / treatment

    This exfoliating program uses small, special gems (80-150 microns) to help stimulate the production of large amounts of collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid. The skin becomes brighter and smoother. Holes caused by acne become shallower and pores become smaller. Wide wrinkles, dark spots and dark lines are cleared up as well.

  • Miniscar (Minisubcision) | No more Acne Scar Problems

    3,700 Baht / treatment

    Take control of your skin problems with the use of innovative breakthroughs. Restore your skin to its original beauty. This treatment helps to stimulate your skin to promote its ability to fill in holes. The treatment focuses solely on holes that need specific attention. The original “Dermaroller” is used in order to avoid bruising or irritation of the skin. This form of treatment causes less pain than normal with faster results.

Body Treatments

  • Face and Body Detox (DE) | More Radiant and Beautiful Skin


    Facial skin cells have a life cycle of about 28 days. However, this is not always the case. Skin can appear dull or rough, depending on how efficient the skin is at replenishing its cells. Eliminating skin cells correctly allows the skin to return to a normal, strong, and healthy state. This program detoxes the skin of any chemicals or toxins, reduces roughness and oil and adds a natural radiance to the skin, allowing it to appear smooth, healthy and beautiful.

  • Pro Collagen Mask | Slow Down the Natural Aging Process


    Using natural collagen to fill wrinkles as well as stimulating the natural production of collagen within the skin. The benefits of the Pro Collagen Mask are that it doesn’t interfere with the immune system at all and the effects of the collagen are seen more clearly and last for a longer period of time. This results in skin that is soft to the touch and also aids in slowing down the natural effects of aging.

  • Vitamin Program | Promote Whitening with Vitamin Injections

    Starting at 3,300 Baht / treatment

    Brighten your skin naturally through the use of Vitamin C. This treatment also strengthens your immune system, increases blood flow within the skin and helps reduce melanin levels in order to make the skin more resistant to the sun’s rays. Furthermore, the antioxidants provided also help to promote the strength of your internal organs.

  • Whitening Program

    Starting at 3,200 Baht / treatment

    Inject whitening into the fat within the skin in order to decrease dark spots on the face.

Body Slim program

  • Carboxy Therapy | Reduce Fat in Certain Areas

    Starting at 500 Baht / cc

    This new innovation reduces fat in the upper arms, thighs, abdomen, hips and calves by injecting Carbon Dioxide that dissolves well in water and is quickly decomposed. When injected into the layer of fat under the skin, it helps to improve lymphatic circulation. As a result, the fat cells break down into smaller particles and are driven out of the body. The Carbon Dioxide is expelled from the body in the form of air that is breathed out of the windpipe. It does not remain in the body so that it is safer. This treatment compacts your proportions, provides shape in the desired areas, and reduces stretch marks.

  • Super Slim | Reduce the Accumulation of Excess Fat

    Starting at 2,400 Baht

    The program is developed from Meso fat treatment but is proved in faster reaction and no side effects by adding a deeper layer of fat metabolism. The fat is broken down and digested faster and easier. It improves blood flow, removes fat and cellulite effectively. This program can be used to reduce fat in upper arms, thighs, calves, hips, or abdomen to make your shape firmer and looks better.

Skin Laser

  • VIPL Laser | Clearer, Whiter Skin

    2,700 Baht / treatment

    Create whiter skin, reduced scarring, less freckles and stimulate the production of collagen. This form of particle beam is developed for aesthetic purposes, specifically for Asian skin which is often less fair than what is typically found in the Western world. VIPL doesn’t typically have as many potential side effects as general IPL.

  • Collagen RF | Shape Your Face and Firm-Up Your Cheeks

    5,000 Baht / treatment

    Turn sensitive skin back into strong and radiant skin with the Collagen RF treatment. Radio Frequency (RF) energy is high Megahertz frequency (just like FM radio waves) which can pass energy into deeper layers within the skin. As a result, skin tightens, wrinkles fade and pores become smoothened. This technology is an advanced form of anti-aging that helps to turn back the clock on your skin and allow you to look and feel younger.

  • Carbon Peel | Reduce Problems with Your Pores

    5,000 Baht / treatment

    Eliminate any issues that you have had with pores, rough skin or skin that is uneven or bumpy with the use of the Carbon Peel Course. Carbon Peel technology tightens pores with Carbon particles as small as 40 microns. Carbon is a conductor of light, thus penetrating the top layer of skin easily and encouraging the creation and arrangement of skin cells on the surface of the skin. This causes the skin to rise and fill in certain areas, creating a fuller look with shallower pores.

  • FR (Free-Running) Laser | Reduce Your Wrinkles

    5,000 Baht / treatment

    This type of laser is an “Infrared Laser” which delivers highly specific, small particles at the nanosecond level. This causes rejuvenation that passes through the “Dermis” layer, helping to restore deteriorated skin and create new collagen. This treatment creates healthier, hydrated skin, as well as a warm sensation unlike any you would have felt before, without any pain.

  • Z-Smooth Laser | Reduce Blemishes and Redness

    4,000 Baht / treatment

    This treatment can be utilized by all types of skin, even darker tones, or people who have damaged skin due to sun exposure, pollution or inadequate rest. These things can lead to acne, dark spots, freckles and darker lips. “Zion Smooth” (Z-Smooth) is the highest standard of laser with regards to skin color correction/modification and it uses the safest and most effective technology.

  • C-Hair Reduction | Permanent Hair Removal

    2,000 Baht / treatment

    Through the use of the most innovative laser technology, hair is removed at the root, deep within the skin, leaving you with increased self-confidence. Body hair in different areas have different purposes. For example, hair on the arms, legs and torso help to regulate body temperature. Hair on the top of the head protects the skin from the sun and also has aesthetic purposes. Armpit hair helps to reduce friction in the area. But sometimes the hair is too thick or bushy, which does not appear beautiful. For example, hair on women’s upper lips or legs. Some causes of excessive hair are hormonal disorders or side effects of medications. Hair removal is very important, and the most common areas to have this done are: armpits, facial hair, shins, calves, arms and upper legs.

  • Pink Lip Laser I For Your Beautiful Lip

    600 Baht / Treatment

    This laser removes excess pigmentation of the lips. It reduces dark spots on the lips and returns them to their original, beautiful state, leaving them pink, firm and healthy. When this treatment is performed over time, the effects and differences are seen very clearly.

Facial Design


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    This form of injection fills wrinkles and helps to fix common problems with the skin. It helps to fill out sunken cheeks, make lips look full again, erase wrinkles, augment the chin and nose as well as fill up acne scars.

  • BOTOX Botulinum Toxin

    Start 3,000 Baht

    This substance is very similar to muscle tissue, with long-lasting effects between 4-6 months, and with a very minimal amount of medicine being dissolved. Used by doctors to treat eye diseases and muscle diseases for a long time now, the substance has made its way to the beauty industry in smaller doses for the purpose of reducing wrinkles caused by facial expressions as well as forehead wrinkles (between the eyebrows) and face restructuring.

  • Korea Silk Lift

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    This technology lifts the skin to form a “V-Shape”, and was originally adapted from Korean silks that were specially used in the field of vascular surgery. Special features have been found within the skin that promote tissue growth and the production of collagen when they come in contact with these threads, just like some types of laser technologies do. Tighten your skin, V-Shape your face, lift your sagging skin, sharpen your nose, lift your eyebrows, correct your cheeks, fix your wrinkles and tighten skin in other areas such as the stomach, hips, arms and chest/breasts.

  • Hifu (High intensity Focused Technology)

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    High level ultrasound waves can be focused into specific, small spots. These can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin structure. The effect is that the process causes the connective tissues of the skin to strengthen, while also stimulating collagen production. This lifts all of the skin, including the SMAS layer.

  • Botox Lift


    New Botox injection technique for those who do not have wrinkle problems.  Make skin firmer instantly and has more radiant looks.

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